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    Growing Pains
    Temporada 4
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    Growing Pains

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    22 episódios
    Canal original: ABC
    Exibida desde: 1987
    Alan Thicke
    Alan Thicke
    Joanna Kerns
    Joanna Kerns
    Kirk Cameron
    Kirk Cameron
    Tracey Gold
    Tracey Gold
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    Os episódios da temporada 4
    Fool for love
    S04E01 - Fool for love
    Birth of a Seaver
    S04E02 - Birth of a Seaver
    Family ties - Part 1
    S04E03 - Family ties - Part 1
    Family ties - Part 2
    S04E04 - Family ties - Part 2
    Guess who's coming to dinner ?
    S04E05 - Guess who's coming to dinner ?
    Homecoming queen
    S04E06 - Homecoming queen
    Nude photos
    S04E07 - Nude photos
    Ben's first kiss
    S04E08 - Ben's first kiss
    The Nanny
    S04E09 - The Nanny
    S04E10 - Mandingo
    In Carol we trust
    S04E11 - In Carol we trust
    Mom of the year
    S04E12 - Mom of the year
    Semper fidelis
    S04E13 - Semper fidelis
    Feet of clay
    S04E14 - Feet of clay
    Anniversary from hell
    S04E15 - Anniversary from hell
    Fortunate son
    S04E16 - Fortunate son
    Double standard
    S04E17 - Double standard
    The Recruiter
    S04E18 - The Recruiter
    Show ninety -- Who knew?
    S04E19 - Show ninety -- Who knew?
    Second chance
    S04E20 - Second chance
    The Looooove boat - Part 1
    S04E21 - The Looooove boat - Part 1
    The Looooove boat - Part 2
    S04E22 - The Looooove boat - Part 2


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