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    The Mary Tyler Moore Show
    Temporada 7
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    The Mary Tyler Moore Show
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    24 episódios
    Canal original: CBS
    Exibida desde: 1975
    Mary Tyler Moore
    Mary Tyler Moore
    Personagem : Mary Richards
    Edward Asner
    Edward Asner
    Personagem : Lou Grant
    Gavin MacLeod
    Gavin MacLeod
    Personagem : Murray Slaughter
    Ted Knight
    Ted Knight
    Personagem : Ted Baxter
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    Os episódios da temporada 7
    Mary Midwife
    S07E01 - Mary Midwife
    Mary the Writer
    S07E02 - Mary the Writer
    Sue Ann's Sister
    S07E03 - Sue Ann's Sister
    What's Wrong with Swimming?
    S07E04 - What's Wrong with Swimming?
    Ted's Change of Heart
    S07E05 - Ted's Change of Heart
    One Producer Too Many
    S07E06 - One Producer Too Many
    My Son, the Genius
    S07E07 - My Son, the Genius
    Mary Gets a Lawyer
    S07E08 - Mary Gets a Lawyer
    Lou Proposes
    S07E09 - Lou Proposes
    Murray Can't Lose
    S07E10 - Murray Can't Lose
    Mary's Insomnia
    S07E11 - Mary's Insomnia
    Ted's Temptation
    S07E12 - Ted's Temptation
    Look at Us, We're Walking
    S07E13 - Look at Us, We're Walking
    The Critic
    S07E14 - The Critic
    Lou's Army Reunion
    S07E15 - Lou's Army Reunion
    The Ted and Georgette Show
    S07E16 - The Ted and Georgette Show
    Sue Ann Gets the Ax
    S07E17 - Sue Ann Gets the Ax
    Hail the Conquering Gordy
    S07E18 - Hail the Conquering Gordy
    Mary and the Sexagenarian
    S07E19 - Mary and the Sexagenarian
    Murray Ghosts for Ted
    S07E20 - Murray Ghosts for Ted
    Mary's Three Husbands
    S07E21 - Mary's Three Husbands
    Mary's Big Party
    S07E22 - Mary's Big Party
    Lou Dates Mary
    S07E23 - Lou Dates Mary
    The Last Show
    S07E24 - The Last Show


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