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Meu AdoroCinema
    Çağatay Ulusoy
    Atividade Ator
    Nacionalidade Turco
    Nascimento 23 de setembro de 1990 (Bakırköy, Istambul, Turquia)
    Idade 30 anos


    O Último Guardião
    O Último Guardião
    14 de dezembro de 2018


    26 Fotos
    • Dioneia Pedroso
      I was really enjoying the plot, the scenes were very realistic, but I didn't agree with the end of the episode, when Hakan dies and goes to the past with Nissan, at the moment I thought it might be Leila waiting for him, to return and take Istanbul. And the question of volatile loves, took away the meaning that was at the beginning of the plot. In fact, even with the current changes, behavior and thoughts, we all believe that there is a true love that takes us out of reality, that holds us in our arms and gives us companionship and joy, was what the author wanted to pass on in the end, that he he missed it, but he had fallen in love three times, the question of Zeinep was not clear, if she left the Protector to protect him, how she fell in love so quickly! 😏 Ah, you have an amazing personality!
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